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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system using Universal Life Force Energy.  Reiki heals on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental).  The health benefits of Reiki include deep relaxation, stress relief, peace of mind, mental clarity, better sleep, pain relief, balancing of the mind & body, and much more.  Kim believes that most manifested dis-ease comes from an underlying emotional cause.  In the Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions, Kim connects to your "higher self" through your crown chakra to identify what may be causing imbalances in your mind and body.  You will receive the beautiful healing energy of Reiki as well as guidance for continuing your healing process after your session. 


Reiki Healing Services

$74 for a 30 minute session

$122 for a 60 minute session

$155 for a 75 minute session + a complete set of 7 Chakra healing stones



$344 for five 30 minute Reiki Healing sessions

$555 for five 60 minute Reiki Healing Sessions

$650 for five 75 minute Reiki Healing Sessions + a complete set of 7 Chakra Healing stones

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