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*Goddess Gatherings*

*Please let us know if you plan on attending the Goddess Gathering by texting or calling the business line 631-268-5553

Our Goddess Gatherings are held once a season on a Friday night from 7pm-9pm, unless otherwise noted.  These gatherings are designed to build a sense of community.  They are welcoming social events where everyone can feel comfortable being their beautiful selves.  Kim will cook a delicious healthy, organic, vegan meal for dinner and guide everyone through a peaceful meditation.  Although not neccessary, all participants are encouraged to bring something to share with the group, whether it be poetry, an interesting article, a book excerpt, or a piece of art they created.  These gatherings are geared more towards women, but men are also completely welcome.  Come stop by for an hour or stay the whole time!  These events are donation-based, all donations go to Seatuck Environmental Association.


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