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Psychic-Medium Scarlett comes from a lineage of naturally gifted mediums and healers.  Scarlett had a resistance to her gifts and didn’t open fully to them until having to deal with her own anxieties.  Those anxieties sent her on a journey of self-healing which led her to many great Teachers and Healers.  Amongst her Teachers were John Holland, Janet Nohavec and many more who helped her to embrace her power and to follow her path.  


During your reading, Scarlett will connect you with your loved ones on the other side, your Guardian Angels, Guides and/or your higher self.  Her healing readings will bring you clarity and insight.


At this time, Scarlett offers 2 sessions:


Guidance Readings $55


The Guidance Reading is a 30-minute phone or Skype session, which connects you with your loved ones, giving you the opportunity to receive their messages and advise at this time of your life.  This type of session can be very healing as well as fun as you discover what Spirit has to share with you.


Soul Healing Sessions $125


The Soul Healing Session includes a 45 minute in person reading which channels your loved ones, Angels, Guides or/and your Higher Self as well as tools for you to continue your healing long after the session is over.  Those tools given from Spirit could be an affirmation, suggestion of a healing modality, etc…

By the end of the session, Spirit will have shown Scarlett whether you will receive a personal recorded channeled meditation OR a piece of artwork representing your energy and what you are working on at this stage of your journey OR a magical candle infused with specific energies and scent.

Call 631-268-5553 for this session if you are ready to unblock obstacles and continue on your journey to healing.


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